PDF Conversion Window

The PDF Conversion window is used to set up conversion options.

PDF Transformer mainwindow PDF Conversion Window

PDF Transformer advice PDF Conversion Window For detailed information about each item, click on the corresponding block on the image above.

Customizing the workspace…

  • To place the Pages window on the left and the settings area on the right, select Dock Left from the Pages menu.
  • To place the Pages window on the right and the settings area on the left, select Dock Right from the Pages menu.

Navigating pages…

  • In the Pages window:
    • Use the up and down arrows to go from one page to another.
  • In the page display area:
    • Use the PageUp and PageDown buttons to scroll the pages in a multi-page document
    • Use the up and down arrows to move within a page
Page analysis tools.
Use these buttons to undo the previous action or to redo the undone action.
The Help menu item opens the help file and displays additional information about the program.
The Pages window displays thumbnail images of document pages, so that you can easily browse, analyze, and convert individual pages.
This window displays the selected PDF document and the areas that have been marked on it.
Zoom tools
Page navigation tool.
Workspace customization tools allow you to swap the Pages window and the settings area.
Main program buttons used to select PDF files and start conversion.
The output format into which the PDF file is to be converted. Available conversion options depend on the output format selected in this field.
Conversion options. Select the document languages, layout retention, and other conversion options here.
Progress bar. To open a page for which a warning message has been issued, simply click the page number.

PDF Conversion Window