Redaction Tool

With ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0, you can easily edit out confidential information before publishing your PDF document. You can permanently wipe out both text and pictures from your document.

PDF Transformer note Redaction Tool Data can only be edited out when converting to searchable PDF. If you edit out unwanted text or images in this mode and then switch to any other conversion mode, the data will not be obscured with a black rectangle.

To edit out unwanted information from a PDF document

  1. Select the PDF Transformer redactiontool Redaction Tool tool.
  2. With your mouse cursor, draw a rectangle around the area you wish to edit out.
  3. The marked areas will appear as black rectangles in the output document.

    PDF Transformer redactedarea Redaction Tool

Moving a redacted area

  • Use the PDF Transformer move ar Redaction Tool tool to select a redacted area and then move the area with your mouse.

Changing the size of a redacted area

  1. Click anywhere in the area to make it active.
  2. Position the mouse cursor on a border of the area (the shape of the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow).
  3. Holding down the left mouse button, drag the border in the desired direction.
  4. Release the mouse button.
PDF Transformer advice Redaction Tool If you position the mouse cursor in the corner of a redacted area, dragging the mouse will change both vertical and horizontal borders simultaneously.

Deleting a redacted area

  • Select the redacted area you wish to delete and then press DEL.
  • Select the redacted area you wish to delete and then select Delete Area from the shortcut menu.

Redaction Tool