ABBYY Screenshot Reader An application to create screenshots and recognize texts in them.

Activation The process of obtaining a special code from ABBYY which allows the user to use his/her copy of the software in full mode on a given computer.

Activation code A code that is issued by ABBYY to each user of ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 during the activation procedure. The activation code is required to activate ABBYY PDF Transformer on the computer that generated the Product ID.

Active area A selected area on a document that can be deleted, moved or modified. To make an area active, click it. The frame enclosing an active area is bold and has small squares that can be dragged to change the size of the area.

ADRT® (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology) improves the quality of processing multi-page documents. In particular, the technology enables the program to correctly detect headers, footers, footnotes, page numbering, and captions.

Area A section on an image enclosed by a frame. Before performing the conversion, ABBYY PDF Transformer detects text, picture, and table areas in order to determine which sections of the image should be converted and in what order.

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Document Open Password A password which prevents users from opening a PDF document unless they type the password the author specified.

dots per inch (dpi) Standard of measurement for the resolution of images.

Driver A software program that controls a computer peripheral (e.g., a scanner, a monitor, etc).


Font effects The appearance of a font (i.e. bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, small caps).


Keyboard shortcuts A button or a combination of several buttons on a keyboard used to launch a particular command. You can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) enables computers to “read” text on a scanned page, separating it from illustrations and formatting elements. Once the text has been read, the program recreates the original document in an editable electronic format.

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Page layout The arrangement of text, tables, pictures, paragraphs, and columns on a page, as well as fonts, font sizes, font colors, text background, and text orientation.

Page layout analysis The process of detecting areas on a page image. Areas can be of three types: text, picture, and table area. Page layout analysis can be performed automatically when clicking the Convert button, or manually by the user prior to convert.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely used document format. PDF files have the same appearance on any computer, as they contain detailed information about the document’s text and graphics.

PDF security settings Restrictions that can prevent a PDF document from being opened, edited, copied or printed. These settings include Document Open Passwords, Permissions Passwords, and encryption levels.

Permissions Password A password which prevents other users from printing and editing a PDF document unless they type the password the author specified. If some security settings are selected for the document, other users will not be able to change these settings until they type the password the author specified.

Picture area An area that is used for image areas that contain pictures. This type of area may enclose an actual picture or any other object that should be displayed as a picture (e.g. a section of text).

Product ID The parameter that is automatically generated based on the hardware configuration when activating ABBYY PDF Transformer on a particular computer.

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Running title The text or image placed at the top or at the bottom of each page which is not part of the body text. Running titles placed at the top of the page are called headers, and running titles placed at the bottom of the page are called footers.


Serial number is a unique number you get while buying a product. Serial number is necessary to activate a product.

Shortcut menu is a menu which appears when you right-click on an object. For example, you can right click an image area or any other part of an image to open its shortcut menu.


Table area An area that is used for table image areas or for areas of text that are structured as a table. When the application reads this type of area, it draws vertical and horizontal separators inside the area to form a table. This area is the rendered as a table in the output text.

Text area An area that contains text. Note that text areas should only contain single-column text.


Unicode A standard developed by the Unicode Consortium (Unicode, Inc.). The standard is a 16–bit international encoding system for processing texts written in the main world languages. The standard is easily extended. The Unicode Standard determines the character encoding, as well as properties and procedures used in processing texts written in a certain language.

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